Posted on: December 6, 2010 6:56 pm

NCAAB Mathematical Rankings 1 (Week 5)

Hey folks. Here's how these Mathematical Rankings are going to work this season. For no other reason than my interest in mathematically figuring out the best team in the nation, I have decided to compile only numerical data do come up with these Monday rankings. The formula is as follows:

where x is the numerical ranking value
     AP: AP Votes (25%)
     CO: Coach Votes (25%)
     RPI: RPI (50%)
In each category, the highest number gets 1, and each other value gets divided by that high value, then weighted.

We'll use Duke as an example from this week.

Duke (8-0) AP Votes: 1625  Coach Votes: 775  RPI: .7174

1625/1625 = 1
1*0.25 = 0.25

775/775 = 1
1*0.25 = 0.25

0.7174/0.749(TENN) = .95781
0.95781*0.5 = 0.478905

0.25+0.25+0.478905 = .978905, which is Duke's final ranking number and happens to be first place overall.

Rankings are formatted as follows: # Team Name (Rec) - #ranking value

THE ONLY TEAMS INCLUDED ARE TEAMS WHICH RECEIVE VOTES IN AP OR COACH POLLS!!! This means that there could be teams that fir mathematically in to the rankings above some teams who receive votes, but for my own purposes it is easier if I only include teams which receive votes in the polls.

Hope these aren't too complex for most of you, and are an interesting addition to the AP and Coach's Polls. I'll talk about each in my weekly rankings analysis post. Enjoy!

1 Duke (8-0) - 0.978905
2 Ohio St (6-0) - 0.954016
3 Pittsburgh (9-0) - 0.926112
4 Kansas (7-0) - 0.904704
5 Connecticut (7-0) - 0.865151
6 Kansas State (7-1) - 0.84182
7 Georgetown (8-0) - 0.824546
8 Syracuse (8-0) - 0.821732
9 Tennessee (6-0) - 0.760904
10 Michigan State (6-2) - 0.758624
11 Baylor (6-0) - 0.71381
12 San Diego State (8-0) - 0.678729
13 Missouri (6-1) - 0.66263
14 Villanova (6-1) - 0.655847
15 Memphis (7-0) - 0.63195
16 Kentucky (5-2) - 0.624034
17 Illinois (8-1) - 0.620416
18 UNLV (8-0) - 0.593503
19 BYU (8-0) - 0.5648
20 Purdue (7-1) - 0.537593
21 Minnesota (7-1) - 0.532932
22 Notre Dame (8-0) - 0.502494
23 Florida (6-2) - 0.488084
24 Washington (5-2) - 0.475812
25 Texas (6-1) - 0.468572

26 Louisville (6-0) - 0.458754
27 West Virginia (5-2) - 0.452034
28 UCF (7-0) - 0.451926
29 Cleveland St. (10-0) - 0.445986
30 Vanderbilt (7-1) - 0.443691
31 North Carolina (5-3) - 0.436899
32 St. Mary's (6-2) - 0.419594
33 Wisconsin (6-2) - 0.409412
34 Temple (5-2) - 0.40272
35 Wichita St. (5-2) - 0.398503
36 Texas A&M (6-1) - 0.390848
37 Arizona (7-1) - 0.38899
38 New Mexico (5-1) - 0.386036
39 Richmond (6-2) - 0.38488
40 Virginia Tech (4-3) - 0.376624
41 Cincinnati (7-0) - 0.376491
42 Northwestern (5-0) - 0.375121
43 Washington State (5-1) - 0.360002
44 Gonzaga (4-3) - 0.348992

If you for some reason would like an extended breakdown for a particular team let me know, or you could do the math yourself. Either way it would work. Enjoy!

Posted on: December 15, 2009 1:56 pm

Saturday Can't Come Soon Enough!

If you are a fan of college basketball, you'll know that we are entering those few weeks of the season before conference play when the absolute cupcake weeks of the schedule happen. Until Saturday, no ranked team plays another ranked team, making for a boring week of basketball. If you have the patience to wait until Saturday, however, you are in for quite a treat. Here is the listings of quality matchups for Saturday:

#10/10 North Carolina @ #2/2 Texas - 2:00 PM

Xavier @ #21/17 Butler - 2:00 PM

#15/15 Gonzaga vs. #7/7 Duke - 4:00 PM
CBS - Game Played in New York City

Portland @ #24/21 Washington - 10:00 PM
all times Eastern.

The only reason I am including the Portland game is that they are one of those teams that you need to prepare well for and watch because if teams just brush them off they will come out to get you. Just look at the Anaheim Tournament, which earned them a spot in the AP Top 25 for one week.

Also, keep watching out for Temple in the future. They've got #1/1 Kansas coming in on Jan. 2, and that should be a pretty good game. They are in the area of 28-30 in both polls, so we could end up with a matchup of ranked teams. The A10 always has some sleepers in it, and by the way Temple beat Villanova and was close to taking down GTown, don't sleep on this team.

Early Saturday Picks:
over UNC*
Butler over Xavier in a very very close one.
Duke over Gonzaga
Washington over Portland

*I am picking Texas here, but if there is a team that is going to get upset this weekend, I think that this is the game where we will see it.

My Pick Stats:
Overall: 5-4
Conference Games: 0-0
Ranked vs. Ranked: 0-1
Ranked vs. Unranked: 4-1
Unranked vs. Unranked: 1-2

Posted on: November 4, 2009 5:02 pm

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, college basketball is right around the corner, and with that I'm back for another great season. I've been without cable for the past few months, so with my cable back in action I can finally be back in the loop. Not that I don't read articles or anything it's just much easier for a college student to get a 1-hour summary of everything that went on in a day of sports via SportsCenter than reading every headline from every game that was played.

So for the upcoming season, there are three things you need to know about me:
1. I love college basketball and attend Syracuse University, so I will do my best to leave my bias away from this blog. I will, however, be more informed on the Big East from being at a lot of the games, so expect a lot of Big East discussion.

2. My opinion usually tends to differ from that of the main media outlets when it comes to rankings and strength of teams. The funny part is that come March, I tend to be right most of the time. Funny coincidence, right?

3. I hate uninformed people commenting to me about college hoops. I'm not always 100% informed on what's going on, but I am for sure 100% informed on how the game works, and generally have a good ideas when it comes to game strategy and clock management and other coaching aspects of the game. You'll see why later in this post.

I was planning on keeping this one short, but can I please say how painful it was to watch Syracuse get handled by LeMoyne (Division II) last night? The final was 82-79 and it really looked like the only player on the Orange that came to play was Wes Johnson. The offense pretty much went through him, and as a result he ended up with 34 points. Okuaku didn't show up, and even airballed a free throw. At this level, you have to be sinking your free throws. Just ask Memphis the year they blew the National Championship to Kansas.

The good news about all of this is that it should be a wake-up call to the young Syracuse lineup. They need to be more mentally tough and need to take these types of opponents more seriously. You can't take anything away from LeMoyne because they totally outplayed the Orange last night, but on a good day, Syracuse beats them by at least 20 points, no question.

So my story about uninformed fans. I am sitting there at the game last night and there is 1:30 left to play in the 2nd half, the Orange down by 3, which means it is a one possession game. This guy next to me is frantically screaming at the players to foul. Absolutely screaming at the top of his lungs. He had been bugging me most of the game just because of some other stupid comments, such as a wide-open 3-pointer which hit off the rim and missed elicited an "Oh come on, you gotta sit him for that." If you know anything about college basketball you know that fouling in a one-possession game only happens when you're down with around 35 seconds or less left to go, which just so happens to be the time on a shot clock. There were essentially three possessions left in the game, so in a one possession game why could you possibly think it is a good idea to foul? The Orange, being well coached, did not foul in that situation. I explained this situation to a non-college basketball watcher and they replied, "Yeah, that's dumb, why would you give them free points, there's so much time left."

I rest my case.

Posted on: February 24, 2009 3:49 pm


The conference tournaments are a few weeks away, leaving teams about 4-5 games each left to help or hurt their seedings for the conference tourney. I'll be closely following the Big East tournament, as that I am currently in the heart of Big East country. Oh, and I go to Syracuse. That too.

Speaking of the suprising and absolutely terrifying Big East Conference, three teams stand out to me as the teams who could play their way out of the tournament easier than the rest.

1. Georgetown Hoyas 14-12 (5-10)
          The Hoyas, in my opinion, are already out of the tournament, pending that they don't win the Big East tournament, and I don't see how that could happen. They've gone from 12-3, nationally ranked in the top 10 to an abysmal 5-10 conference record, including a season sweep by the Cincinnati Bearcats. Some nights they come to play, but most nights they don't play the full 40 minutes. The Hoyas are probably the biggest suprise in the Big East this year, and if they get into the tournament it would be nothing short of miraculous.

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 15-11 (6-8)
The Irish have shown that they are capable of beating good teams, none more impressive than their absolute beatdown of Louisville not so long ago, but their terrible 7-game losing streak, in my opinion has them out of the tournament. The only way I see them getting an at-large bid would be by beating either UConn or Nova, AND making it to at least the semifinals of the Big East Tournament. That's probably a stretch.

3. Syracuse Orange 19-8 (7-7)
          Syracuse is a really interesting case. They played extremely well in their non-conference schedule, and the fact that Memphis and Kansas keep winning is really going to help them on Selection Sunday. In conference play, the Orange have looked as average as their record looks. The team has been mostly healthy, it's just a question of which Syracuse team will show up. Will the team that beat Memphis and Kansas come to play, or is this the team that showed up for the Cleveland State loss take the court. That being said, barring any major mistakes (like losing to Rutgers) I have Syracuse in the tournament. Seed will be interesting.


I'm going to be paying attention to the Big Ten tournament, because my good friend (Cyclops007) goes to school there. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend either of those conference tournaments this year.

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